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Print Screen

Windows Screen Capture Software

DevExtras Print Screen is a simple yet advanced screen capture and image editing tool for Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP.

DevExtras Print Screen replaces the "Print Screen" functionaliy of Microsoft Windows with enhanced screen capturing abilities. On-screen selection to define exactly what is copied, an image editor to make minor adjustments/annotate the captured image and multiple options on what to do with the image other than simply copying it to the clipboard.

Capture the Screen

The following print screen capture mechanisms are supported: Press the print screen key to take a screenshot of a specific region, window, or the entire desktop.
  • Capture the entire screen
  • Capture the active window
  • Select a window to capture with the mouse
  • Select a region to capture with the mouse
  • Copy the contents of the clipboard

Edit the Print Screen Capture

Once captured, the screenshot is displayed in a fully functional image editor so that annotations, markers, special effects or other alterations can be made.
The built in image editor supports standard image editing functions such as brushes, the eyedroper, shapes, lines, area fill, text editing, erasing as well as the following: Edit the print screen capture in the built in image editor, no other software is required.
  • Zooming
  • Undo/Redo
  • Rotation
  • Pixel grids
  • Resizing and croppping
  • Drop shadows effects
  • Pixelation of areas to obfuscate sensitive information

Save the Print Screen Capture

After editing the print screen capture, the following options are available for the image:
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Send to printer
  • Send as an email attachment
  • Save to a pre-specified file
  • Save as (Bitmap, Emf, Exif, Gif, Jpeg, Png, Tiff, Wmf)

Other Features

  • On-screen help to assist with print screen captures
  • On-screen window selection
  • Mouse cursor capture
  • Customisable hotkeys (the default is the "print screen" key)
  • Magnifier window and cursor position information for the perfect capture
  • Automatic corner clipping of captured windows (Rounded edges)
  • Low memory usage
  • Capture of multiple windows
  • Windows 7 interface for Vista/Windows 7 users
  • Customisable output destinations
  • Additional image editing software is not required
  • Multi-language support

Free Version

Unlicensed versions of DevExtras Print Screen software contain no trial periods or image watermarking, and contain the same functionality as the licensed version with the exception that the built-in image editor is restricted to black & white screen captures only. If the built-in image editor is not used then the screen capture will remain in color.

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