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.NET Obfusasm

.NET Framework Obfuscator

DevExtras .NET Obfuscator is a simple yet advanced obfuscation tool for the .NET framework.

Obfusasm protects your code from decompilation and reverse engineering with the latest obfuscation techniques. Assemblies are automatically obfuscated when compiled in release mode, making it simple to integrate into your release process. Obfusasm .NET Obfuscator includes full Visual Studio integration, command line support and a standalone GUI.


Obfusasm .NET Obfuscator.
  • Symbol Renaming Obfuscation
    Class, method, property, and field names are renamed to make their purpose difficult to understand and navigation of the code awkward.
  • Code Control Flow Obfuscation
    Code inside classes and methods are converted to 'spaghetti code'. Logic based traps are also added that cause most decompilers to crash.
  • String Encryption and Compression
    String based data within the assembly is encrypted and compressed.
  • Method Overload Induction
    Methods with different parameters are renamed with the same name.
  • Constant Literal Pruning
    Non-essential metadata that could be used to reverse engineer the assembly is removed. The size of the assembly is also reduced as part of this process.
  • Anti-Reflector/DILSM
    Assemblies are modified so that reverse engineering tools such as .NET Reflector and CodeReflect cannot decompile the assembly.
  • Class hierarchy linerization
    Class namespaces are removed, making all classes within the assembly appear under a single namespace.
  • XML Documentation Filtering
    Non-essential XML documentation created by the Visual Studio build process is removed.
  • Automatic Strong Name Signing
    After obfuscation, assemblies are automatically re-signed if applicable.
  • Satellite Resource Embedding
    Satellite resources used for multi-region language support, are optionally embedded and obfuscated into the main assembly.
  • Consistent Symbol Renaming
    A database is used to ensure that the same symbol names are used when an assembly is recompiled/re-obfuscated. There are no mapping files, or password based name translations. Symbol names are secure, and specific to the Obfusasm installation.
  • Intelligent Symbol Exclusion
    Assemblies are automatically scanned for serialization and reflection. If present, symbol renaming exclusions are automatically applied to prevent application instability.
  • Manual Symbol Exclusion
    In addition to automatic exclusions, specific namespaces, classes, methods, and fields can be excluded.
  • Stack Trace Translation
    Once obfuscation has occurred, stack trace/exception messages are no longer in human readable format. This functionality allows stack traces to be converted back into human readable format. Stack traces can only be converted back on the machine in which the application was originally obuscated on.
  • Full GUI based interface
    A full GUI is provided to both obfuscate files and configure obfuscation settings.
  • Command line support
    Files can be obfuscated via the command line; the GUI can be used to create configuration and batch files to do this for you.
  • Visual Studio Integration
    Obfusasm .NET Obfuscator can optionally be integrated with Visual Studio. The Visual Studio integration allows obfuscation to be configured within the Visual Studio development environment, and is supported on VS2005, VS2008, and VS2010.
    Drag & Drop of Visual Studio solution/project files is also supported..

.NET Framework

DevExtras .NET Obfuscator supports the following .NET frameworks:
  • .NET Framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0
  • .NET Compact Framework versions 2.0 and 3.5
  • Silverlight assemblies and XAP packages. Supported Silverlight versions are 2, 3 and 4

Free Version

A full 30 day trial is available. After the 30 day trial period expires. Obfusasm .NET Obfuscator will revert to the free edition that only allows symbol renaming and stack trace translation. All advanced features such as string encryption are disabled.

Report a Bug

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