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Simple yet advanced tools for software development and technical authoring. We don't over engineer our solutions. We believe things should be simple, easy to use, and most importantly useful.

Technical Authoring

Print Screen Print Screen
An image capture tool that replaces the existing print screen key functionality. Simply press the print screen key to capture, edit, save, or print any area of the screen.

.NET Software Development

Obfusasm Obfusasm
Obfusasm is a .NET obfuscator that allows you to protect your .NET code from reverse engineering. It comes with a built in gui and full command line support. A free version is available, with limited features for basic IP protection. Prevent the nightmare situation of your source code been available for anyone to see.

CodeReflect CodeReflect (Free)
CodeReflect is a simple and free .NET decompiler. Decompile any none obfuscated .NET assembly and view the source code in C#, VB.NET, or MSIL. With CodeReflect it is possible to analyse and learn from existing .NET assemblies and recover lost source code.
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